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TACTICAL HK DEPLOYMENT PACKAGES! Custom HK MR556A1 units w/ cold hammer forged steel German MFG 16" match barrels (these are not chrome lined machine gun barrels; these are MATCH barrels guaranteed sub MOA w/ 18000 round barrel life BEFORE any accuracy degradation begins.. only Dorothy wants/needs chrome lined barrels!), weep ports, two stage upgraded triggers (first thing SF armorers do with their 416 units is replace the trigger groups w/ custom Geissele units; HK has battle triggers on their standard units these are upgraded 2 stage no creep release units w/ approx. 4.5 lb release), HK rail cover (German MFG not aftermarket), forend grip, removable rubber clawed buttplate cover, 5.56 Wylde chambers accept 5.56mm and .223 caliber, Atlas bipod with dual swing (legs will fold forward or backward.. yes Dorothy a pro DOES want the ability to fold the legs backward as going thru heavy/dense vegetation there is minimal snagging; this specific configuration allows use of the forend grip with legs reversed), HK tool kit, modular rails (military version) accept 40x46mm grenade launchers plus all accessories. The HK 416 was designed specifically for Special Forces units and underwent it's trials at the Yuma Arizona proving grounds. It is the only piston driven weapon currently in production we highly recommend. These piston units are virtually maintenance free compared to DI units, are proven to have less wear and tear, and have an extended interval between stoppages (like NO stoppages). Also run cool during heavy strings of tactical fire.. topped with the military version Leupold Mark 6 1-6 34mm CQBMRSS. The Close Quarter Battle Medium Range Sniper Scope is also current issue to specific units. At 1x it allows the shooter to engage targets from 2' to 200 yards yet allows the ability to dial up t 6x for medium range (800 meters) sniping. These illuminated (night vision capable) as issued waterproof fogproof units have calibrated turrets for the 5.56mm round and are marked as such. Leupold Mark 6 IMS 34mm mount allows the scope to be properly mounted further forward. These HK tactical packages are delivered to SF units in their own custom case which holds rifle, scope, pistol, magazines for all, grenades, accessories, etc. Although these are a package contract purchase we will attempt to do a price comparison as if you could order them yourself.. HK piston driven 556 listed on Euro Optic for $3295 (out of stock of course), HK rail covers $84, ggg bipod $200, foerend grip $25, military issue case $462, Leupold Mark 6 1-6 military 5.56 turrets Optics Planet has one for $2050 shipped, IMS mount Mark 6 $250, certificated barrel break in and zero of the scope for the 5.56 turrets no charge, Geissele custom trigger groups list on their website for $465 sold out backordered no release date this year; must be installed by a certified smith and live fire checked to insure no select fire capability. Installed per specs with interior honing $344. Total tactical pick up and shoot package $7189 package price $6895. Case ammo in stock. Pistol and grenades not included in pricing; pistol packages are in stock and available for additional sums. SHIPS WITH TWO TWENTY ROUND MAGAZINES

Item condition: NIB
Item number: 044AA
Item caliber: 5.56mm
Seller stock #: 044AA HK TAC PAC
Item location: AZ
Quantity Available: 3 available
Manufacturer: HK


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Rocke Guns provides high end complete deployment and sniper packages to the military, law enforcement, and overseas contractors. These complete packages occasionally become available for the civilian market due to intentional contract overruns. All packages on this website are available for civilian sale. Any fully automatic contract overruns will have been converted to semi-automatic configuration and will pass any/all BATFE inspections. Rocke Guns does not offer fully automatic firearms to the civilian market. Unless otherwise disclosed all packages readily take appropriate suppressors which are civilian legal in 37 states. We will assist you upon completion of sale with an appropriate suppressor dependent upon which state you reside (if desired).

Our average deployment package runs approximately 5k and can hit 15k dependent on originating contract. Rocke Guns accepts contracts by fulfilling stated requirements for each contract in specificity; specific scope, mount, firearm built per requested specs, case, deployment bag etc or by being provided specific mission requirements which we subsequently build an appropriate package for; this is by far more rewarding as we use our extensive knowledge to “cut the red tape” and build the best for each supplied scenario without being hampered/required to build packages utilizing obsolete “book” data. In either case as overruns become available they will be posted on our civilian website.

All firearms are ordered by Rocke Guns with specific requirements from various manufactures and are non catalog items from those manufacturers; in other words you as a civilian would normally not have an opportunity to acquire the same firearm(s) we do. Each component of every package is of the highest quality, period. As you read the description of each package every item is itemized and priced with an MSRP comparison as available. We do not charge over MSRP for any individual item/package and typically are under MSRP as a whole. In the rare instances we do it is disclosed; ie specific ammo orders have required 50% hard down and are not fulfilled for up to 8 months yet have a minimal mark up. In this case we charge appropriate “market price” and disclose so.

ALL PACKAGES ARE PICK UP AND SHOOT PACKAGES! Every package is guaranteed flawless function utilizing provided ammunition. Every scope will be zeroed and zero disclosed in description to include main scope, backup Aimpoint/Eotech, and any iron BUIS. All firearms will have undergone an extensive barrel break in period as disclosed elsewhere. You literally will be able to pick up, load up, and shoot!

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